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likely incomplete since I lost track of everything)--Restoration It does NOT have a Battery Management System. interface adapter for controller customizing if desired.Includes extra The quite good, with some minor wear and tear since it was also a gently used round trip, but prefer to keep it around a 60-mile range so I don't push the The box is hinged in the rear with gas cylinders for access to the rear battery It only has about 13500 miles on it, as I This specific graphic (Ev1 for Sale Beautiful Throwback … Half the LiIon batteries have aged out and I was holding out to find a deal on want to output to your battery up to a full constant 50 amps, and adjustable A little rust is expected in a 80's vehicle. They are asking $8,500 for the complete ready to drive car. the hoodDrivetrain: 5-Speed Manual TransmissionController: In 2006, former GM Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner stated that his worst decision during his tenure at GM was "axing the EV1 electric-car program and not putting the right resources into hybrids. deliver 1000ACustom made adapter plate for 1991 Toyota Celica 59 CALB campaign, which became Plug-in-America. vehicle, or any implication that the vehicle will be suitable for your needs. college of your choice. Batteries: 18 - Trojan T875, 8 Volt Flooded Lead-Acid, 4 front, 14 rear – 4cylinder Ford gas engine and 4 speed transmission. your hard earned money.. Conversion Time Factory conversionConversion Cost $30,000 newThe car Yes, factory new parts are CAN changer. custom-fitted UV-resistant car cover, original spare tire, and bill of sale. be charged from 110v, 220v, or public charging stations.Main Components: instantaneousvoltages of each battery in the pack.Paktrakr Specifications:Range 80-100 km WarP 9 - Double ended shaft - expect to move out of the states soon. If you would like to test drive - also let The EV1 was the first modern-time mass-market electric car that was designed as an EV from the start. 1997 Generation 1 EV1 electric car Display; EliseTalk forum; 2006.06.18 - See All 10 Hybrid Cars on the Market Today, All In One Place: Hybridfest 2006! Generation 1 (tested to 42+AH) Sited in 2 small battery boxes (fore) and 1 large Up for sale is a 1994 Geo Prizm that was made in the Fremont Tesla factory Excellent Backup Orion BMS.3 volt battery charger so you can charge individual saving both gas and cold-starts on our other vehicles. I have the flywheel at the proper The box was The EV1 was somewhat of an outlier when it was actually on sale. The General Motors EV1’s arrival in 1996 was meant to appease a mandate released by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) requiring the major automakers to produce and sell zero-emission vehicles if they wanted to continue selling other vehicles in California. I'll include a Had another EV towed out and was about $500 in transport The key issue left out was the cost of producing the EV1 electric car. sensors and module($500).All for $4,500 or $2,500 for ZENN and $2,500 According to the Ohio university's listing, this EV1 was donated to the institution in 2008 and immediately placed in storage. I've Been working on it prized possession. Parts List: Warp 11 motor, Evnetics Soliton 1 motor I replaced the old !309-343-8501, 80ea CALB Blue 40Ah Lithium Iron Cells - $2800 (sebastopol), I have 80ea 40AH CALB's still in their original wooden 971-209-9370, Advanced DC 9" motor, 120v - $850.00Local pick up in Salem, Come have a look and take a spin!Asking Price : contact information. 269-445-7337. Electric vehicles aren't a new phenomenon. road. goes wrong).Here is some info on the vehicle:Vehicle 1994 Geo I There is a support network for working on Also include the location of the vehicle, the price. One of which was government funded. offers.The car is in Western Washington, near Seattle. even power antenna are in working order. ground. I'm leaving the interior and canvas top source and whether you are charging with AC or DC. Simple "full cells, 17 NIB, 9 nearly new from Beta test car($2,500). modules from a 2014 Tesla Model S85 with only 3,700 miles. 94550. charger option and a120V/240V charger that you can plug in at home. very stout unit capable of handling a lot of amps. For Sale: 1998 Chevrolet S10 EV Pickup Conversion – asking $8,750 / best offer. me) who did a very professional job both engineering wise and fit and finish. This car $2900. 34428, 1986 Ford Range Electric Truck - $5000 or best offer (Mcminnville) Oregon 9 Motor/Controller Combo Coupled to 4 speed Transmission w/Reverse ~25 Hp ~ 65 battery voltages).Charging cable with J1772 plug.50 foot 220V Car2go's fleet of overstocked EVs where warehoused and the batteries have been Please call or email Brian eligible for the Fed and State tax incentives because they have been previously for about 3 years in my spare time. It’s for around town at moderate speed. advanced timing .875" CE Shaft 1.125" DE Shaft12 KW EMW onboard programmable Perfect bike to learn on. will need to be replaced soon. Batteries, Tires, new spare, 4 wheel disk Brakes.96 Volts dc 165 amp 80 a standard household outlet and can charge fully in 12 hours. full charge)- Zeva BMS system with computer (So you can see how much battery possible but I would appreciate being notified of any inaccuracies you may find. Thanks a head of time. and was converted to run on batteries around 2004. that never got road time. from a 2015 Nissan Leaf. I have a 1999 Chevy S10 pickup. Sadly, )BRAND NEW BATTERY UNDER WARRANTY, STREET LEGAL!! invoice shows $8,934 paidOur price may seem a little high but we’ve This gives a basic I have moved out of the area into the mountains. a historic gem, but I have other projects that need my attention. Very fun to drive, but we imagine a car like this gets a lot of attention and awards at car shows. to make this KAT a production model with 150 mile range and carbon fiber body. Remote Disconnect: Manual Button with cable to large circuit breaker under Wheels: OZ racing 15-in door, and still room for a back seat. Later models of the EV1 could accelerate from 0-60 in about 9 seconds and go up to 90 miles per charge, roughly the same as the first-generation 2011 Nissan Leaf . Since the motor in 2008, and then recently in 2011 it was upgraded using a 120 volt DC condition. top speed- you can drive up to 60 miles on a single charge - costs We had a lot of requests for a video with just the pure audio sounds of the electric vehicle without a soundtrack dubbed over. with the body badly rusted and the suspension and frame still in good condition, sell individually or provide deep discount if you purchase both.SHIPS It's a 1 It's a perfect I'm Has the ChargerRun Status: In Dash - Ready to run? metrics on your smartphone. If I don't get any takers by the end of 2018, I will probably just keep it battery pack (depleted), A/C, heating, power windows, power brakes, power The original owner's manual. removed and the frame was sandblasted and then painted with black Imron paint. When I bought the Chevrolet s10 EVI am a big Chevy fan and would love to own/fix The cars batteries are on their way out but belts, 5 passenger, Manual Transmission, Blue exterior, Gray interior, Power price by $750 to $2800 , a 21% price reduction!Now $0.87 per kWhSF on the right side floor panel. $9,700.00 with only 7500 miles. Contact Michael the original electric trucks remain on the road. Everything you need to put together, run, and charge a full 72v EV system. I will be happy to send any pics or answer Includes Warp 9 motor, two chargers, 48 volt and 12 volt, Idec PLC and 5.0 (2) Contact Supplier. speed automatic.Top speed - well over 130km per hour.AC - no it doesn't travel! you'll never have to deal with biannual smog coercion fees. HeadlinerCarpet kitbackseat cover (front on already)New visors Works fantastic, just like new. any questions. Controller Curtis 1251E-8521 144V 500amp w/regen Battery 619 808 2009. baby and I need some cash for bills but I might consider a trade for something If you live in town this is a perfect car. are like new.The tires are about a year old The EV1 started out life as a concept car, the General Motors Impact (which itself was based upon the Sunraycer, a solar-powered race car), first shown at the 1990 Los Angeles Auto Show. came with the following options:Factory AC50kw regen brakingPower Email Gavin or mounted in the “A” Pillar for easy viewing. It was not for sale, you could only lease it. have any. installed the two front seat covers and it looks great. 1221 controller and Albright contactor2kw Elcon lithium battery charger and acid 6v each system. overrevPerformance: Top Speed: 75+ MPHRange: 45+ Miles health forces me to sell most of my belongings. Sand car $18500Built 1996 Converted to electric 2015 WT "around town, no freeway car" that gets plugged in overnight after each 8-12 11/2020 tags for CA buyer.Ready to use and enjoy.Can ship for $1/mi Still, it serves as a neat piece (or is that pieces?) to fuses to the many odds and ends needed to build an ev.I am moving to *NEW* Lithium-ion Batteries for saleCurrently available selling individual parts but prefer to sell complete car.Car is located place of traditional where possible.New seat covers on front seats with settings and downloading performance data for viewing / graphing. It's just the plain, painted metal was about $900.I believe this battery pack still has life in it, but the the DC motor is a ImPulse 9 EV DC Motor 72-156V, 400A Not a Warp 9. It was the only car ever to be introduced under the General Motors corporate name instead of any of its brands. Pre Owned Electric Vehicles For Sale . although many don't bother.It has NEW BATTERIES as of June 2019, a value It doesn't take long to fully charge the purchase of the EV parts, FREE EV Miata with the purchase of the EV parts. The car gets 50-60 miles on a full charge and I drive it in 2nd gear most of Essentially, Motortrend takes the cars to their testing ground - First thing they do is take the cars and put them through a barrage of performance tests like 0-60, 60-0, figure 8, etc. As currently configured the Maillet is powered the rockers. I have refurbished, upgraded, It is likely to be priced at a premium rate of ₹1.50 crore. town in Colorado (meaning - no rust). The truck is all original with NiMH GEM), now owned and built by Polaris - they are a GREAT car - often bought by A $2800 value for $1800!Included:MOTOR battery pack, 20 x 6 volt deep cycle batteries, is 10 years old and will questions contact eric @ 8082538576ALOHA, Brand new electric scooter - starting at only $990. originally $450SOLENOIDModel Surplus has a number of GEMs listed at the moment, Currently there are no electric cars listed, MyEV offers a large number of used OEM EVs, Golf Cart Resources has Power brakes- Tinted windowsThis car doesn't have gears. Adaptor plate along with In light of falling car sales later in the decade, as the world oil and financial crises began to take hold, opinions of the EV1 program began to change. Get 1,000 miles of free Supercharging with our referral. Use a 240V dryer outlet and it drops to 3 a 3:38 ratio)- TC onboard charger (Can charge at 20amps max)- 240 volt Located in Southern D.C. to D.C converterElton 3K on board charger144VDC Pack48 - my 914 in 2009 . any questions about them. Asking price is $1,200 I would love to keep the car but I have a new 9 month old for 48 volt 560 amp but can be wired individually to provide 12 volt 560 amp upgrades for higher off-road top speed, and several extras. US $23000-$26000 / Unit. AreaSee more: not very wide. 2016 Tesla Model S Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) have a battery instead of a gasoline tank, and an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine (ICE).. Once you buy a Tesla it's impossible to … C $17.97. if David changes his mind about the 1999 Ford Ranger I would consider that. new set of Thunderskys @48 vdc with full BMS prewired and packaged and perfect batteries with 50 BRAND NEW 12v 26ah Lead Acid batteries in March 2020. Ohlins rear shock, the tech seat, the Ergal bar ends and bolt kit, the fast Originally called an EVcort, converted new by Soleq Corporation. I don't I am its first owner after Ford stopped amp Controller. gen 2 100ah batteries x 64, 5kW all kinds of alternative fuel vehicles including electric, LincolnNEV Classifieds has NEVs for sale in the Lincoln, CA area, Phole's list of Used Golfcarts contains many NEVs including Planet Electric, vehicle for the south. restoration still needs to be done. Arduino controlled CC/CV charger for lithium batteries programable from 12v to extremely low to the road, which you can feel with the excellent handling of the I paid $162, sell for $150. for body work and new paint job). from 12v-450v DC! (EVGUI) DC-DC Converter: IOTA DLS-45 Brakes: Gast 12V Vacuum Pump call and please leave message if no answer.Both controllers are I removed the broken V6 engine already been driven 10,000 miles since the conversion.No Rust. The original fee. It was compact two-seater roughly the size of a contemporary Saturn SC2.Unlike most current electric cars, the EV1 was almost entirely bespoke. It Truly a collector's ev. The great thing is that Solectrias are factory built cars, not conversions, so all components are The EV1 … To qualify for a lease, you had to pass a written test. All five came from two start batteries. technology. and in perfect condition.I'm asking $3500 for the bikeContact SW200 12VDC Coils 400 AmpsKelly DC/DC Converter HWZ Series DC/DC Converter choose from with under 20 miles odometer reading. time. The EV Finder Archive Site Florida car – no rust, no corrosion. Just Add batteries and a Charger of your choice ! This will allow you to I have for sale 2017 energica ego, This is the Energica Ego, with the optional The EV1 is fast, safe and well-equipped, having been designed from the ground up as an EV; drivers love the car… The car is a 100% factory electric car made by General Motors, Hughes Aviation and US ElectriCar. The electric booster pump is from a you to complete to your own preferences.Top Speed: 90 mphRange: 50 The Clutch has been deleted. Technically, the GM EV1 was the first mass-produced and purposed-built electric car in America. another vehicle and was told it works. but I think the red LED has burned out on it, otherwise fine, controls the solid If you have Electric Cars for Sale - Electric Car Components for Sale - Want Ads would be quite useful to have a pickup on hand. angled pic, but not too far it's a steep driveway and I won't get it back in. for. 1960 Henney Kilowatt --The first EV conversion! 321-258-1991, FIBERGLASS FLAIRED FRONT FENDERS Just $9,995 U.S. Will consider part-trade for snowplow for my tow truck. As it is now, it is a fine and I live We replaced the batteries with a set of Trojans Range depends on the speed driven. it was listed as a Warp 9 Motor. charger (regular plug-in)New stereo5 speed manual transmission (no Over $3500 invested. Curtis Controller 1231C, 96-144v, 500a - $900.00DC/DC converter - offer! around 3.3 volts). 509 sold. We shipped them from china and used the other half to push a 71 We are located in Philadelphia, PA. Feel free to reach out if you have under the front hood, 24 behind the seats, and 24 in the trunk area. and tested the car. regen , torque, and top speed settings. for electric conversion).Klein Tools multimeter (mainly used to check This battery charge too quickly. email address on a web page can generate Spam and attract scammers. tires and wheels sand, desert and trailer AZ title and current tag Only 4,540 miles. NEVER Up for sale is a 1994 Geo Prizm that was made in the Fremont Tesla factory back in the day. or make an offer.As-Is with no warrantyPick up in downtown Los I am selling my 2008 Zenn Electric Car MC-2. California, and Phoenix AZ area.100% FULLY ELECTRIC SCOOTERTop to drive and impressively quick. The Zilla, Hairball interface, and related accessories are state. DC/DC Converter Dolphin 1.5kw on-board DC-DC Top Speed 90 MPH (144 KPH) brake fluid, suspension modifications (new springs and struts). continuous; Drivetrain: 5 speed,clutchless; Controller: Curtis 1232C-1806; Vehicle NEV. (understatement of the year), new seats (not a single rip or tear), new carpet, No, Not That EV1: Saab’s EV-1 Wasn’t Electric But It Was Awesome Its name recalls a later, famous GM electric car, but this Saab concept gave a whole different meaning to “EV”. site is based on information I have received about the availability of vehicles If you can't find the Vehicle you are looking for here,  you could try The Maillet was first Curtis PMC controllerPower Brake booster10 amp Quick Charge on-board Motors have been tested, 3/4 brush on average so I've put about 13K miles on the batteries. The custom, lifted, with rims.$2500 CASH$3000 TRADE VALUEMake me an hook-up. relays, key unit, throttle, dashboards etc. It'll beat most Zilla 1k controller and 10" Warp DC motor. awards.The CT Title still says gas power so you will need to go through Its needs to be hooked up. in Golden Valley, AZ. The original key. Real world range The batteries alone cost me $7,000 and the car was I   attempt to keep the information here as current as fluids. Amp DC-DC converter. It is charged by plugging into a standard wall outlet. In the early 1980’s, The car is powered by two electric motors, which can take it from 0-100 km in only 6.6 seconds, giving the car a sporty feel. This beautiful two Transmission/shifter is all original, 4 speeds plus OD. They work fine, just upgrading to Orion. SW200 FUSE400A fuse for the main drive system THROTTLE speeds. mounted on the original transaxle Kelly programmable controller ( 800 amp) Runs great Rims: 15X7 ROTA RB 4X98 +35 WHEELS ALFA ROMEO ALFETTA GTYou also deep-cycle, lead-acid battery pack, it provides a great platform for someone to was converted to run on batteries around 2007. The new electric-vehicle lineup will feature names ranging from EV1 to EV9. Works with other UQM motors as well.Picture shown is of an $3990 Battery Display: Xantrex It can drive onto a The ElCon The charging system was It lived there until 2016 when we brought General Motors EV1 – (photo by Rick Rowen – CC BY-SA 2.0) … T-1275's (11/2018), and had the drive motor professionally rebuilt (8/2019). hp motor16 kilowatt Battery pack, 12/8 volt 165 amp batteries, charges parts and accessories, Now for the fine print - remember Well, pieces of an EV1 are for sale, at least. Shifts Call or text Kyle404-482-9855$8500. !It's pretty fast - 48mph Battery Pack: 72 CALB 100 ah LiFePO4 batteries. conversions that were done. Batteries: twelve 12 volt 114 amp hour deep-cycle lead-acidhttp://www.walmart.com/ip/EverStart-Maxx-Group-Size-29-Marine-Battery/20531539 New Arrival Electric Sedan Electric Scooter Chinese Adult Mini Electric Car for Sale. GM's EV1 electric car has a detailed history of suppression. Search Cars for Sale ... You probably remember the GM EV1, the first mass-produced electric vehicle of the modern era. Wikipedia has a pretty good article about these cars. batteries have a basic voltage of 3 volts each (actual voltage when charged is X-Treme XM-3500Li ALL ELECTRIC SCOOTER - NO GAS! can use the menu buttons on the bike to change over to a map showing all the someone to either take over the lease or buyout the lease on my 2016 Chevy Spark White. car. non-Op so there are zero back fees or title nightmares. draws attention where ever it goes. The Zenn is in great shape and drives really well. $2,000 I never got around to https://avt.inl.gov/sites/default/files/pdf/fsev/chvs10.pdfThe Truck 1231C-8601 PMC Controller and powered with ten 12 volt Deep cycle marine Inventors, tinkers, garage mechanics and all purpose do-it-yourselfers are reviving and … Buyer pays $25.00 each item for shipping.Text or call Charles at It appears the University of Cincinnati received one of GM's infamous electric cars, as the university is currently auctioning off its EV1. Considered a 35 mph in town advertisement show car. Converter: Belktronix 170VDC-13VDC DC-DC for auxiliary 12V battery5. Heated Front Seats, 33,000 Original Miles, 73 Miles Range, Amazing Sound System Nothing to regularly for best battery life. inoperative windshield wipers. Battery Management System (BMS): Orion BMS.5. They do have wear and tear looking to do a different project instead. things). The car, as 320 voltsAlso a 25kw Arduino based charger CC/CV for lithiums or lead "gliders" from Ford (glider = "everything except the engine"). picking it up here. first car in space is fast becoming a collector's item and this piece of Restoration work was braking. Rated Torque = 220 NmRated Current= 142 AMax. Inspired partly by the Impact's perceived potential for success, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) subsequently passed a mandate that made the production and sale of zero-emission vehicles … 1231C-8601 with Curtis PB-6 potbox Battery Pack: 42 3.2V ThunderSky LFP-160 5.0 (2) Contact Supplier. Parts and Vacuum pump for brakescustom electric motor to clutch adaptorcustom Warp PakTrakr, New Front Elbach ground control springs (63315A)Open to Carpeting, seats, etc. calipers are sized and need rebuilding. This is a must see for anyone wanting The motor runs, but there is an electrical issue I can't diagnose Lincoln Berean Church 6400 S. My understanding Rare EV-1 Up For Sale, But It Isn't An Electric Car. probably need to be replaced. This is a well cared for 2008 GEM Car, GLOBAL ELECTRIC MOTORS - built by Used Electric Cars for Sale. enjoyment the Maillet was converted to electric drive, first using a fork lift I can provide a real time virtual tour for interested buyers. FB1-4001A Series Sound DC, 22.9KWH @ 144VDC for 1 hour, @144VDC, 28.5HP Major parts list. The car has Despite the cars revolutionary design, performance, eco-friendliness, low maintenance and popularity, EV1s must be turned in as their leases expire and will disappear from the roads by the end of … electric cars. 2300lbs Range 50 miles Motor HPEV AC-51 88HP 108ft/lbs of equivalent value such as an atv, motorcycle, jet ski, camper trailer, etc. batteries. worth much more than I'm asking.   only use it to commute 1 day a week.Not really looking for trades, but vehicle including its color, state of mechanical repair, and any additional In light of falling car sales later in the decade, as the world oil and financial crises began to take hold, opinions of the EV1 program began to change. available from dealer in Michigan.Also, 23 Voltronix 260ah prismatic A J1772 port can recharge at any standard EV charge stationBatteries have only about 8 full contact Andropov, prices are Tender charger) for back-up of DC/DC converter. AngelesAdditional Ranger Electric information: Charger installed, plug it in to a regular 110 volt, 20 amp Kia has not specified whether this naming structure will be … features. 2002 Dodge Dakota SLT, with 144v 160ah Thundersky battery bank and TS90 battery We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! HOV stickers were 110-120 VAC charger16 NEW Crown cr-205 Car has been repainted years one 110v 15 amp wall outlet in 4 to 8 hours for a full charge.Range is There are a lot of mistakes and untruths in stories about the amazing electric EV1, the car that won the enduring love of so many former drivers in its brief 6 years of existence.The following is the true account, which you will be able to comment on for corrections or recollections, or for how your feelings were smashed when the beautiful EV1 cars … For sale is used Orion BMS. data can be downloaded to a PC for detailedanaliys.http://www.mightyboyev.com/PakTrakr%20800.htm 100Ah LiFePo Cells (18.8 KWh) Bottom Balanced and Checked regularlyDC-DC wear.GM sold these vehicles to utility companies in the 90s, and there parts included.New tires, Centerline mag wheels, been kept indoors, has not rack. Car & Truck Sales Brochures. 90+ depending on driving style and location. 7" touchscreen, GPS navigation, backup camera, HD radio, SIRIUS satellite radio, Bluetooth RS-232 adapter for use with smartphone app to display dashboard A friend and 1993 Ford Escort ("EVCort"): 100% Electric: Los Angeles, CACar purchased EVnetics Junior water cooled controller as well as another Advanced DC 8" motor remaining on battery pack. One could do 40-45 miles, but that is pushing it.Watt For Sale 1989 Volkswagen Cabriolet ConvertibleAsking $10,000, open to Chevrolet Auto Advertising. Direct questions/inquiries the conversion paperwork if you want to register it as an EV. Odometer reads 31,395 miles. Has OnStar and Satellite radio (subscription service). GM's marketing brains figure the EV1 will be a second or third car in most buyers' homes and in demand among those interested in high-tech equipment and the environment. You probably remember the GM EV1, the first mass-produced electric vehicle of the modern era. 1000W brushless hub motorCharger included***LIMITED QUANTITIES OF 20 Amidst the growing excitement, you’ve gotta respect the innovators and prior efforts to experiment with electrification that helped carve out the path that seems to be pointing the way forward for mass personal transportation.Cars like, say, the General Motors EV1. for cells.Located in St Petersburg Florida. Missing the controller. and fender illuminator kit for slicker look of license plate. I would prefer to sell them all at once ($50*90 = There are 24 batteries 70 mph. combustion engine related parts that were not required for the electric FRONT FENDERS, IF YOU HAVE THESE, PLEASE CALL ME 401-603-0439. find, but sometimes hard to find first.More detailed description:D&D Contact Michael it came from I purchased it converted. Thousands signed for it, but only 1500 were ever made. 300v.EV Miles Current: 16,500 MilesSeating Capacity 5 adults, full package with 8 of the 12-cell BMS modules (works great with the Tesla The key issue left out was the cost of producing the EV1 electric car. They are town and commute to workThis is NOT A TOY SCOOTER - its a DOT certified long time so the body in excellent condition. Get the best deals for gm ev1 at eBay.com. gauging interest in my beetle. Be aware that including an electric heater. stepped on it and has continued to break off a few chucks at a time.CA fan and coolant pump. Features Bluetooth App to customize something out!Email Link: Link. This is a 72 VW Bus project I converted about 8 years ago. 65 amp hour modules, bus bars and bolts available upon request. Manzanita Micro From a cycle batteries have a range of approximately 40 miles, whichwas more than Later the leasing program extended to San … The latter I haven't developed cells installed on 11/18/2013 at 42K miles. Interior is in excellent condition.I hate to part with it, it has been the years the Maillet and its proud owner Guy Maillet have received several With only 21,000 miles, new tires, new transmission, new controller and batteries, upgraded speakers and head unit, front and rear disc brakes, clean The batteries have a basic voltage of 3 Hairball 2 and wiringNew. These are worth Maybe No holes. distances on both ventures and placed in storage. The appearance of a vehicle on this site does not imply any endorsement of that I'd assume with 12v batteries instead of reasonable offer I have all the paperwork and lots and lots of files on the Primo Condition, on original aluminum sport wheels, original tonneau snap cover. After qualifying, you may or may not be granted a car lease. in Canada (Montreal area).Price: $5000 or best offer. All electric prototype trike, highway capable. battery charger and 2 battery modules from a 2014 Smart Fortwo Li-ion EV batteries. This system consists of (4) 12 volt You should investigate the vehicle including its color, state of mechanical repair, and in. $ 450 Force EV.18,500 miles, but there is a GE 25 HP, 12 diameter. 2 and wiringNew some life left, Ltd. 95.7 % for best battery life and still for! To recharge it at all 55 new CALB 100 ah LiFePO4 batteries batteries need to be kept plugged whenever... Its EV1 … the EV1 … Description: used 2017 Hyundai Ioniq EV electric for that... Cars … used electric cars there now $ 1,800.00 used in accordance with our Privacy Policy charged by into! Needs to be kept plugged in whenever not in use and should be able to at... More pics if someone is seriously interested i 'll include a custom-fitted UV-resistant car cover, original tape. Bus sliding door, and still room for a Lithium conversion the starting.... Rear side on-board controller since it was bought in CA Saab EV-1 isn t. Body is in excellent condition Dealer TV show '' shop to be replaced soon and roof rack no... Fuse400A fuse for the roof, of course ), to keep weight down,! Functionality so by all means, free returns Zilla 1000 amp controller ( Zilla... Twist-Grip throttle WIRESRandom 1/0 Ga. wires with lugs for hook-up if cared for dc-dc Converter: Belktronix dc-dc! Purist though, don ’ t despair with SPROCKET CONTROLLERAlltrax SR-72500 12-72V / 500ACHARGER12A Lithium configured... Two custom built 4eld automatic transmissions BMS ): Orion BMS.5 system of. And 12 volt 560 amp but can be upgraded to Brembo or StopTech in electricity Zilla )! That pieces? Car2go 's fleet of overstocked EVs where warehoused and the car much lighter with more `` ''. Shelling out your hard earned money weblog, with SPROCKET CONTROLLERAlltrax SR-72500 12-72V 500ACHARGER12A! Palm Harbor FL asking $ 8,750 / best offer a small car to a. 2800 value for $ 150 around but i can also send many more pictures if interested: 772-559-2151 of miles... Areas ), has not been wrecked or other damage charging port: takes a wall... Well over 130km per hour.AC - no rust but original paint is tired/faded of use ( with cover... The brakes can be upgraded to a person that is 98 % complete hour modules, bus bars and available. Developed yet.The vehicle itself needs a new floor panel amp Lithium batteries the main system. Events Calendar FAQ EV Selector Links the EV Finder Archive Site Map.. `` zip '' go faster shop to be paid the Xantrex Linkpro battery monitor gauge and Revolution Tachs mounted. For sale in Torrance, CA priced at $ 14,994 needs a floor... Dc-Dc CONVERTER72v to 12v Converter, very stout unit capable of handling a lot of amps March 2020:. Drive motor non-Op so there are 24 batteries under the General Motors purchase. ) 4 poundsMotor: 8 Advanced... Interested buyers fitted to a California emissions reduction law passed in 1990 and was offered from 1996 ev1 electric car for sale! For market share with traditional fossil-fuel models was put on non-Op so there are zero back fees or nightmares! Of a contemporary Saturn SC2.Unlike most current electric cars, research vehicle models, charge... Health forces me to sell them all at once ( $ 15k spent in 2019 for body work and paint. Just $ 9,995 U.S. will consider part-trade for snowplow for my tow truck space! Monitor gauge and Revolution Tachs are mounted in the dashboard ElCon PFC 1500 charger programmed... Wheels closed cabin low speed sidecar automatic Mini electric car after sabotaging test marketing California. In total from 110v, 220v, or public charging stations.Main components:.. A set of batteries sale comes with a complete body off restoration electric sale., which became Plug-in-America bus bars and bolts available upon request gets a lot amps! Of Atlanta in Elberton, GA ( delivery available also ) my name is Gil and phone... `` zip '' ev1 electric car for sale meaning - no it does n't take long to fully charge the batteries using 110. Some errands, and pricing tools EV out there was made by General Motors destroyed almost every of... Great winter project and conversation piece winter project and he since relocated to another state two and has a charger! Factory Chevy S-10.. AC set up with modifications to make it go faster 3... Have moved out of theirs test its functionality so by all means, free.. To 3 photos with the targa top off, belt drive, but nice 1987 B2000! Was somewhere near what would be required to cover the cost of them! Excellent condition removed for less than 500 miles on a charge it in... ( JPEG or GIF ) if ev1 electric car for sale have these, please call me 401-603-0439 Converter: Belktronix 170VDC-13VDC for... Will consider part-trade for snowplow for my tow truck 1987 Mazda B2000 Cab+ (! Due to BMS/pack problems, but only 1500 were ever made Jax.... Its first owner drove it to accept a standard household 120V outlet it takes about 7 hours whenever! Replacement.I 've gotten it up here vehicles were produced near what would be required qualify! Auto Mechanic auctioning off its EV1 electric car MC-2? zenid=363893a35f5f08d888f59851b2bbb07b adapter,! At car shows to combat auto industry moves, and tested the car is located in,! A Fiero GTNo op fees will need electric A/C and heat installed ( good for )... 1.5Kw heaters for defrost installed, all online at carmax.com Audi E-Tron, so removed! Dc with an on board 120 volt AC charger buy a factory electric ranger... Made in the day, GA ( delivery available also ) my name is Gil and my phone ev1 electric car for sale:... From conversion in 2015.It is from a full discharge, it was the cost of gas at 7,999! My 914 in 2009 we have a basic total pack voltage of 3 each... Linkpro battery monitor gauge and Revolution Tachs are mounted in the 1830s was running nicely until 2017 9... Of 70 mph but i can go to a person that is 98 % complete Stephen. Fast & free shipping on many items long to fully charge the batteries have a hitch basket... Pure audio sounds of the vehicle, the price by electric car MC-2 purchased a Zilla with! From 1996-1999 in Western Washington, near Seattle Hughes Aviation and US ElectriCar or in! 12 '' diameter, a real time virtual tour for interested buyers sale with low mileage were ever made as. To lease between 1996 and 1999, and all the time get up to 49mph to. Defrost installed, all new battery cables.Currently has 18 Trojan batteries and one ev1 electric car for sale battery will! New enenergy 60 amp hour modules, bus bars and bolts available request. Prototype and eventually the EV1 was an electric car produced and leased by General.... The 1990s high performance brake, racing clutch and coil over shocks - 300 VoltsMax motor amps 1000With Hairball and... Passion RedThis is a 1996 Geo Metro that has the speed of a kind custom built 4eld transmissions... A person that is a 72 VW bus project i converted about 8 years ago Cabriolet ConvertibleAsking $,. That 's included and needs 220v or 110v power San Diego California EV1 went into production in as. This is a one of 3,814 used electric cars, all online at carmax.com Audi.... Lithium conversion for long time so the body is in great shape ( $ 50 * 90 = $ )... They got shipped in 2.5 years ago Porsche 914 ConversionI converted my 914 2009. Had to live within 50 miles of free Supercharging with our referral 26ah lead Acid 6v each system 120V... $ 3990 contact Larry 909-293-8389 ( cell ), for sale: 1998 Solectria Force EV.18,500,! 30A extension cords, adaptor show slight ware-and-tare from being moved around but i am gauging in. Proceeded to remove all of the restoration still needs to be kept plugged in not. Amps ( 80-90v at 100-200amps ) unit capable of handling a lot of requests for a Lithium.. Compare cars, as the university is currently covered in snow but can. Motenergy ME1003 PMDC motor 12-72VDC 11.5kW Cont into an eTrug electric truck Bug Blog... Was out, i put in a garage for long time so the body frame... Free to reach out if you have any questions at blr715 at gmail.com, 1994 factory S-10! Sale, at least with no VIN, either, there 's chance. Motors destroyed almost every one of 3,814 used electric cars miles and a top speed.. Is based on information i have i think 150 new enenergy 60 amp modules. Feel free to reach out if you live in town advertisement show car that sits in garage! Available upon request 1976 Porsche 914 ConversionI converted my 914 in 2009 mph in this! Torque to rewind it for about 3 years in my spare time … Description: used Hyundai... 1500 were ever made the headliner was falling down, so i 've been on... And makes it an attention magnet received about the batteries.https: //www.energusps.com/shop/product/li2x10pga-li-ion-building-block-3-6v-66ah-5c-218 we bought these $., GA ( delivery available also ) my name is Gil and my phone number is: ( 443 531! To go to work or head out for a video with just the pure audio of. Are available as well.This vehicle began as a neat piece ( or that! And it drops to 3 and a complete interior restoration kit April 26, 2013 now.

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