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Tank and Line testing stage 1 and stage 2

Line & Leak Detector Testing

We perform volumetric testing of pressurized product lines and leak detector testing required for annual regulatory compliance. These tests ensure your underground storage piping is secure and not releasing petroleum products into the ground.

Different testing methods are offered to test line leakage

Stage 1-2 Vapor Recovery Testing

Vapor recovery testing determines proper function of all elements of the Stage I and Stage II system. A malfunctioning system could release unacceptable levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere, creating the potential for significant financial loss for the facility owner. Gasoline UST systems located in specified attainment areas are required to maintain, operate and test Stage II Vapor Recovery equipment. Depending on your site’s location, regulations may require the following tests:
Pressure Decay Testing
Dynamic Back Pressure Testing
Air to Liquid Ratio Testing
Vapor to Liquid Ratio Testing
Healy Vacuum Return
Tightness Testing
Healy Booted Nozzle Testing
Pressure/Vacuum Vent Cap Testing
Flow Rate Determination Testing
Liquid Removal Device Testing

Helium Pin Point Testing

We often use helium for Enhanced Leak Detection (ELD) testing because these chemicals travel through the soil faster than other options.
That means you can have test results in minutes, which can be hugely important when you need to identify a costly leak or get your pipeline certified before opening your new gas station.

Tank System and Gas Pump Repairs

Pump repair services. Types of pumps that can be repaired include air operated piston & diaphragm, boiler feed, centrifugal, end suction, self priming, gear, magnetic drive, progressive cavity, rotary lobe, slurry, split case, submersible, vertical turbine & vacuum pumps.
Repair services are also available for gearboxes, mixers, blowers/fans, spindles & trolley wheels.
Capabilities include removal of equipment, installation, laser alignment, performance testing, fault diagnostics, trouble shooting, equipment monitoring & vibration analysis, machining & fabrication.

Monthly Compliance Services

We provide inspection and assessment programs as per federal and administrative set guidelines