harappan language dravidian

But linguistically, if the Indus script is deciphered, we may hopefully find that the proto-Dravidian roots of the Harappan language and South Indian Dravidian languages are similar. Heras, Henry. Europe), to write genetically related lan- guages like the Manding and Dravidian language and the languages spoken by This made it possible to use symbols groups (Figures 1 and 2). Historians and archaeologists have so far overwhelmingly backed up the idea that the language underlying the Harappan script was Proto-Dravidian, but the inability to … There are a number of hypotheses as to the nature of this unknown language: Hypotheses that have gained less mainstream academic acceptance include: The Indus script indicates that it was used to write only one language (if at all). Dravidian, in this view, should have been the language of the Indus area. The study also indicates that … However, in spite of efforts spanning more than 30 years by now, relatively little of Mar 4, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Suraj Kumar. What I mean is that the cultural traits of the Indus Valley civilization are likely to have been absorbed by the successor Indo-Aryan civilization in Punjab and Sindh, and that the civilization in the far south would have changed out of recognition. language and the languages spoken by people using cognate scripts2–5, three assumptions could be made leading to the decipherment of the Harappan writ-ing. (There is also overwhelming evidence that it was not Indo-European.) … Discover (and save!) So we have to separate our approach of a linguistic connection where it is permissible to construct proto-languages and try to decipher a language, but if you are looking at the survival of cultural and social traits of Harappan civilization they are likely to be all over the subcontinent, overlaid with centuries of transformation in culture and of language. For the purpose of the present paper, it will be as­ sumed that the Harappan language was a form of Drav~dian and that the Indus Script ioncJ'"

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