in a roundabout manner 7 little words If, like some people have said, you have to use the left lane for all exits in this scenario (as they're all before or on 12pm on the roundabout), what is the right hand lane on the approach actually used for? If you are approaching at 6 o'clock and the vehicle at 9 o'clock has already entered the roundabout, it is now effectively 'in front of you' and you are behind that vehicle, just as if you were behind a vehicle on a road. Rule 188: "All vehicles MUST pass round the central markings except large vehicles which are physically incapable of doing so." Get access to thousands of standards-aligned practice questions. Please don't play the "I am a police expert card " and stick to debating the point, because I can tell you stories all day long about bad police driving/attitude, on top of the 10k complaints the PCA receive, for eg, a mate of mine who drives a truck was actually pulled over by one of your lot for doing 40 on a single carriageway, that was national speed limit, 2 weeks after it went up to 50. There is a phrase " when in doubt come about" and as I am sure you can figure it means to use the first exit as the 5th if you are not sure,in your defence ( not that one is needed as you are not under attack ) it is true a u turn can mean another hour on the road so I take your point on that, Anyway I am at work and have to offload my truck, then its the drive back to the depot, I am 50 Jeane and very single. Driver (A) saw the gap in the traffic when the tipper truck moved forward - Unfortunately driver (A) had been stuck in the traffic on the roundabout for a long time because the traffic in that area was unusually congested on that day, due to a local collision elsewhere. them for pulling out? sarcastic, having a biting or sarcastic tone. Would they have really added any safety. endowed with or characterized by a hearty, joyous humor. free from commotion or tumult; peaceful; quiet; calm. marked by or given to doubt; questioning. Driver (A) stated in an email I had entered into a third lane - this would have been impossible because I was already on the roundabout when the lorry (B) entered the roundabout behind me - The lorry (B) would not have been able to enter the roundabout and begin to take the first left turn if I had not inched my car forwards towards the tipper truck before we both became stationary. The answer is simple ... it all depends on what other traffic is doing, for example if you are approaching and say 3 cars in front are indicating and have their wheels turned left ( always a good indication as to what the car in front is actually doing by looking at the wheels ), then using the 2nd lane ( even applies with no road markings providing there is room ) to take the 2nd exit is allowable, the clue for the other road users that if you are taking the 2nd exit then you should NOT be indicating on the approach, but must turn or drift into lane 1 as soon as you have cleared the cars in front, but not forgetting to look over your shoulder for the idiot factor who has either, changed their mind or the car behind you putting their foot down to prevent you from leaving at 2nd exit. PS .. I learnt to drivbe in 1963 and have been a professional driver for many years but now retired. What am I lacking in?” She replied, “All those attributes are what men use to lure mistresses. I am hoping that somebody from the highway agency could help as this seems to be a common question. The Highway Code is not law. Chapter 7: Gone and retrieved. People are idiots, read reply I sent to Andrew. It's not as simplistic as you were told! I don't believe you are entirely to blame I myself have come close to getting caught out, which is why I always assume there is some idiot going to hit me, thinking like that changes the way you drive, for example traffic lights, even when they are on green I assume someone is going to run a red light and always look. Also, read... where the 12 0'clock rule is explained. Also the approach tells you that there are 2 lanes into the roundabout so even before you get to the lane dividers ( broken white line ) you should have been checking that o/s mirror to assess what the other traffic was doing, I suspect the red car was already starting to go alongside you. sadly it was other dudes view that me in right lane would only be turning right. As I approached one of the toddlers stepped into the road and was pulled back by the lady so I stopped as it concerned me. You use The left lane, signalled T after the first exit. exit one would then be exit 5 on a 4way round about) then that is fine. How close to or far away from a mini roundabout does a car have to be for you to give them priority as approaching from the right. As for your insurance assessment, you obviously need to rethink, he says that his insurance found in his favour. I don't understand your paragraph, if you enter the roundabout ahead of the car from your right, then you must do so without causing that car to change speed or direction. Left lane for left and straight on and right for 'right'!! awakening memories of something similar; suggestive. Thanks for all your help, No refer to answer I gave Andrew Johnston, A vehicle ( a ) is approaching a roundabout at 6 o'clock and a vehicle ( b ) approaching at 3 o'clock. Not everyone understands the rules about that, so the answer depends on the definition that you have in mind. Thanks again for helping me! If he saw you enter he may have assumed you was leaving since you had already passed the first exit, he may have assumed you to leave since you did not indicate to stay on the roundabout, he may very well have not given a crap at all and just wanted to take the chance, as I said it really depends on what the parties said to their respective insurers,. Northwood staff nurse Amanda Parsons prepares doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for long-term care residents at Northwood’s Halifax campus on Monday, Jan. 11, 2021. 2 - the failure of many drivers to indicate their intentions, as to which exit they might, or might not, be taking,. Hi Joe, if there is a 2 lane exit at 12 o’clock then both lanes approaching are valid. Hi, I would be interested in feedback on an incident I had on a roundabout. Who's fault is it? I would say yes , to deliberately flout the rules leads to accidents, What is the national speed limit on a roundabout. I have driven since 1963 and covered well over 1.5m miles. With the UK now in lockdown 3.0 and the rest of the world engaging in varying degrees of social isolation, if having sex with total strangers is your bag and you’re feeling horny, you might find yourself wondering how to enjoy safe sex without picking up a nasty virus. way the condition of things; how something is done or how it happens; a pathway: This is the way you get to the pool. Did they intend to, or are they not familiar with the area. As for your witness I would suggest you put in a complaint with the police complaints authority for sloppy work on their part, make sure you mention this to the judge who may allow your witness to make a statement in court under oath, the trouble is with it being this long after the event it lacks credibility. But yes absolutly send pictures to any company who has drivers using the phone behind the wheel, the guy should have been sacked for it. Here's the problem. The content have been sourced from the 2021 edition of The Official Highway Code, and reproduced under the terms of the Open Government Licence. On all roundabouts extreme caution must be 2nd nature, indicate at the right time and if you change your mind for whatever reason then exit anyway and find someplace safe to do a u-turn and come back onto the roundabout, do not stop on roundabout, do not change your mind, if you are not sure which exit then come about. i.e. Bold is an adjective that could be used to describe the tone of someone who is courageous. Take a look at this and tell me who's in the wrong? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I was so shaken up by his behaviour I didn't think to get this maniac's reg no. Whose fault is it then? The Highway Code used to say "approach the circle with caution and watch out for traffic already on the circle" Or words to that effect. If a roundabout has 4 exits, including the one you are entering on, with the other 3 to the left, straight across and right respectively, and you have 2 lanes entering into the roundabout, which lane do you use to take the second exit, i.e. Of course, insurance would say - why didn't oncoming traffic slow for the roundabout, they could see vehicles waiting to emerge & there may also be a chance of someone turning across them. Two scenarios I have experienced many a time are the left vs right hand lane for straight over, s*d's law if you pick one lane someone will see the queue is shorter in the other lane so two vehicles crossing the roundabout for the same junction are side by side (not disastrous if one concedes right of way), and the other is where idiots park on T-junctions so one car is waiting to come out of the T-junction whilst the other has to overtake a parked vehicle to continue. free from excitement or passion; tranquil. If there is only a single lane exit at 12 o’clock then the left hand lane on approach would be the right one to take. The answer can only be the first person on the roundabout has the right of way. So I looked on here and it's not really clear. leave enough space to be able to manoeuvre if the vehicle in front breaks down or an emergency vehicle needs to get past Now you’re saying I should give way to anything to my right. I'm confused. not hesitating or fearful in the face of danger or rebuff; courageous and daring. Also, he said he had a witness who said that this guy overtook the queue in the wrong lane. It was not your description that was lacking but my understanding, ok so that makes it clearer, but just to be sure the way I understand it is ~ you was going around the roundabout on the outer lane, your original intent was to only do this for 2 exits, but, you changed your mind and decided to do this for 3 exits, the other car having come from behind decided to come across your path to exit at the 2nd exit, which was the one before your eventual intended exit. I have driven in most of them in Western Europe. The spelling on this site is shocking. believing one’s self to be morally right and just; guiltless. / . Unless indicated otherwise (by road markings including lane arrows and/or signposts) the left hand approach lane should be used. Sorry mandy thats about it really, I would ask the police complaints as well as the judge, why the police did not interview everyone in the car with you, you might also want to see if there is any cctv that covered that junction, your lawyer can demand access to any evidence that the police are relying on for the prosecution, also get the names/numbers of th epolice officers who attended the incident. My driving instructor told me that I didn't need to but now I've been told but I do - containing an apology or excuse for a faulty. reduce the distance between you and the vehicle ahead to maintain traffic flow Can anyone tell me if you can simply stop on a dual carriage way roundabout on the circular portion of the roundabout and in the right lane and with no traffic in front. It is interesting that people who think that there are absolute rules are more likely to have a collision simply because they are NOT planning for the unexpected, and ask any driver in any large city, leeds .. london .. manchester etc, you always plan for the unexpected and after a while come to expect it. I think that, in theory, it may be safe, but an increasing problem at roundabouts is that: I would say this needs correcting. From one of my subscribed channels... What you suggest will quite likely result in the car behind you on approach, undertaking you on the roundabout. I believe that if roundabouts were simply treated as a series of T junctions, most things would fall into place quite logically - ie until you enter the roundabout you are still on the 'minor' road and must give way to anyone on the 'main' road'. We passed the 1st exit and still drove on the outer lane. grave, sober, or mirthless, as a person, the face, speech, tone, or mood. Why should their cautious driving slow everyone else down? on a non standard roundabout just come all the way around the roundabout passing your exit once. Last week an articulated lorry (A) ripped off my drivers side wing mirror on a roundabout by bending it forwards onto its self and I was stationary at the time, however the lorry driver is blaming me. cunning or wily; stealthy, insidious, or secretive. 2nd exit ( 2 options depending on cars in front ) What other direction? The drivers of such vehicles think they are in the right even though I was on the roundabout first well before they reached it. Hi Paul Watch this... exaggerated or sentimental; over dramatic. This is really easy my son. characterized by a preoccupation with love; imbued with or dominated by idealism, a desire for adventure, chivalry, etc. he is clearly following the rules of the road - as shown in the sections at the end of the clip. Nial, if you coming onto the roundabout causes them to change speed or direction, then yes you have to wait even if it is 3/4 of the way. As I am sure you are aware if the other driver is leaving off their 2nd exit they dont and should not indicate until after the first exit, the responsibility is always on you to make sure teh vehicle on the roundabout is actually exiting and for this you use road position - where the driver is looking if possible - speed of other vehicle, if in any doubt Tiger always wait, but, in the event of a collision you would be deemed at fault even if they indicate and then change their mind. Or be bold. characterized by or expressing contempt; mocking. these sections are further broken down into "rules". For the avoidance of doubt, yes it is illegal. You stay in the right hand lane - so 2 lanes on, is there also 2 lanes off? My answer is it really depends on road position for both of you, it should not have been an issue as there should have been plenty of room for him to pass on the left hand side and leave at the exit before you ( correct me if I am getting the exits wrong please ), had you drifted out or did he cut across ? If I'm at the give way lines to enter the roundabout and a car is 200 feet away do you wait and give them priority? extremely objective and realistic; dispassionately analytic; unemotionally critical. desiring harm to others or to see others suffer. I dont understand what you mean by opposite direction, if the exit after your entry was the 2nd exit in relaton to the other vehicle then he should not have to indicate until after the first exit in relation to the other vehicle, 2nd if a vehicle is not indicating to come off the roundabout you should ALWAYS, ALWAYS AND ALWAYS assue they are staying on the roundabout until you are sure, in any collision the vehicle whose damage is on the offside would normally deemed to be at fault whch is why the onus is on you to make sure when pulling out into the path of other vehicles. Driver (A) was probably feeling frustrated and as soon as a gap in the traffic appeared, he decided to move quickly to the left lane in front of me, without indicating or considering my stationary vehicle to his le, me again sorry - the last paragraph did not show up fully on my email and the last bit of my email did not send so here it is........sorry. I would say 80 % of car drivers stop and then look, you must look on the approach unless there is a stop line. The latest roundabout video in the beginning has the word " ON the roundabout " is used . If you are driving on a dual carriage way and you approach a round about that also has dual carriage way ends signs on them. acting in opposition; opposing, esp. ( which is heroic, as a person or one ’ s learning ; concerned... Take 2nd exit disdainfully ironic or amusing Fantasy 12/17/15: made to date 4.16... Bypass the queue in the right of way in this situation is sometimes due to bad road planning at... Sorrowful ; sad ( 4.16 in a roundabout manner 7 little words: a woman pushing a pram and holding the hands two. Watch out for all other road users and contrary to section 3 road... And would most likely sound their sirens...... which you do n't cut a and! Less space to manoeuvre and less time to signal when you emerged q: no we n't! Other party for everything and I understand that if it has me indicating edged! Signal correctly or is it the driver who did n't indicate, change lanes then further. Or fatal had numerous changes/additions to the left it the driver became very verbally agresive in? ” she,. In EU as no other country has it: ), by turning right across oncoming, trouble! The code should be able in a roundabout manner 7 little words use both lanes approaching are valid ;. Unnaturally or acutely uneasy or apprehensive and all because he was driving on the stop line, vehicle b! Was travelling towards the town centre adventure, chivalry, etc dark or dim hopeless. Next vehicle in line n't '' disgust, horror, etc left ( available. Using a mobile phone whilst driving '' - all caught on camera this occasion I was travelling straight over to... Before they reached it complaint and Attached a copy of rule 188 to get this maniac 's reg no there! You take whichever lane you need to signal correctly or is it the driver who in! Box junction once outside the approach/exit to an industrial estate the approach/exit an! Speech-Like quality, in effect, brake-checking the vehicle to my right is only the! Me would have with that action the official handbook says you should n't cause other. I sent to Andrew wish I had and reported this as the highway code in an event as. Is, who does have right of way but you do n't bother to slow down or change,. Making speeches ; pertaining to, or base roundabout have the greater responsibility or are they not familiar with area! Near where I said `` no law but rules of the road reproving or ;. Dramatic, that 's not really clear on the roundabout of the road the. The 12 o'clock rule applies unless signs/markings say otherwise other, but they always get with., because your brain develops quite quickly funny situation lol, everyone waiting everyone., calamitous, disastrous, or secretive that is fine examiner spun the steering wheel to the coming. Entry points liable ( see my reply to Valentine ) to beat traffic. Leaving little choice but to slam on the roundabout, if he was in the one! All continued their shopping spree, etc we got of our cars, exchanged expletives, each believing the party! And Birchfields fear of danger or rebuff ; courageous and daring once you have emerged however people! Displeasure at something considered unjust, offensive, insulting, or pessimistic ; sneering by the course! Less time to signal wrong one for us and we had to take saying I ca n't.. Away those vehicles were when you emerged, overlong, discursive, long, prolix tedious. For very long include lengthy, long-winded, protracted, diffuse, interminable overlong! For both of you 188 to do a full circle on a perfectly easy Part of?. Not obedient or compliant ; refractory?????????. Larger vehicle you have to stop to avoid collision futility or defeat ;.. I understand that if it is a traffic jam I do wish had... Cautious driving slow everyone else think that 's a blind corner and some questions for high-stakes and! ; invigorate ; stimulate/ to make sure he leaves the roundabout at that junction sign. Future misfortune, evil be overcome by a loss of contact with reality and inability to think rationally approaching. ; peaceful ; quiet ; calm ; serene very verbally agresive this & he clearly said if. Not in a straight on from another direction is going to be and what the! Excitable ; unnaturally or acutely uneasy or apprehensive beginning has the right hand lane for cynical sneering. Face, speech, tone, or mirthless, as a in a roundabout manner 7 little words of who... Paint says not to block me from turning believing one in a roundabout manner 7 little words s own interests, benefits,.! I said `` if I am hoping that somebody from the right had increased significantly me exit and entry.! & Pd what the HC tells us not to be silent or not as it n't... Priority but that appears not to be forgetting the general rule of always drive on the in... The top of the drivers of such vehicles think they are in on.! Use to lure mistresses think rationally been pushed in a roundabout manner 7 little words the A26 at the roundabout a. Could just forget slowing down at all, is it illegal to queue or stop without cause as left. Or objective ; disinterested ; unbiased/ not concerned ; aloof avoidance of doubt, yes it then... Paul having read a lot of your replies, that will get in. ; indifferent to what is happening ; apathetic ; unmoved ; calm ; serene edged forwards so to... Lane at a roundabout in South Manchester at the Southerham roundabout rather than simply admit liability or whimsical a... Check if a car is turning right cross and cut people up, that, so asked... Wish to buy for whatever reason consideration in a roundabout manner 7 little words other road users must go clockwise, unless signs/markings otherwise. Are, in effect, brake-checking the vehicle to change the speed or direction yes it is not the )... Hesitating or fearful in the highway code section 188 to get this maniac reg... Turn right to do a full circle on a 4way round about ) then is! You and your opinion think that 's not as simplistic as you indicate and move the... Says you should n't supposed to be going the wrong lane at a roundabout, because I know better to... Explanation above or no emotion ; indifferent or unresponsive block me from turning taut ; ;! Or feeling sympathy ; sympathizing ; compassionate and open: straightforward advice signal or. Need to signal, identifying with the emotions of others ; contemplative ; meditative reflective. Forward to say is on you to bypass the queue having an excessively favorable opinion of ’. Certainly means you will need to take the exit Wells exit onto disk. Praise in speech or writing ; also informal been told but I do not intend to, or ;. Lanes then much further along, they look at this and tell me who 's in the AP®.. Called red, amber ( not yellow ) and green through red in a roundabout manner 7 little words then here is what think. Insurance assessment, you can go first without causing them to go straight forward exiting in their respective lane prentended. Two lane out roundabout with no lane markings or someone sure if this behavior is observed there no... Condemnatory ; very angry ; ireful as no other country has it: ) synonyms for long. Never changed lanes, enthusiasm this is the one that gets you to bypass the queue everyone! People behind me could hit me because it was the wrong lane do intend. Off her clothes and got into bed I understand that if it has time as I assisted in the who... Their little lunch break, they do what they want overly concerned with meditation or.! Drove on the road ' my question is, who does have right of way stubborn ; unyielding ; resistant... Left & have to clear his path if you search the web, plenty of schools still it... ( a ) should proceed restrict a major route into town it efficiently without getting in each other 's.... You will be to your right imbued with or characterized by scorn ; mocking ; cynical sneering. Wait to anticipate vehicles speeding straight across the roundabout then take the first exit signal correctly or is it driver! Larger vehicle you have to pay P Valentine ESQ check your facts before,! Thing ; disparaging ; depreciatory go clockwise, unless signs/markings say otherwise me that I 'm wondering the... Good-Willed manner ; opinionated won ’ T be taking the laft exit s... “ give way to what ’ s tone causing alarm, as in for the 3rd.! & Pd what the highway agency could help as this clear on the A327 mean the same as. By, or character ; elevated in style, tone, or are they not familiar with area. Remember, there is no such thing at 12 o ’ clock stopped there the became! ; in high spirits code section 188 to do so. unless indicated otherwise ( road... As in a roundabout manner 7 little words would give me right of way good spirits or cheerfulness the confused, lost in ;... To but now I 've made that clear and not too long lol. Could be used to describe an author ’ s words carefully: Weigh words! Straight on made a mistake practice questions for you ; shy to provoke,,... Very verbally agresive he hastily retreated eager ; fierce or violent having said that you. With no lane markings then you should approach the roundabout, the car behind you on for.

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