is being a kpop fan a sin

The happiness it gave me was temporary. It was a guilt-free time of enjoying Kpop without any lust or idolization. I understand that, I just don’t understand why I was so comfortable with it. And becauseI had mutual friends, apparently,(still not 100% how true that was lol) I thought it may be fate or a possibility that I’ll meet him. I’d probably pray for them the most – they come to let The Lord into their lives. And from there on with my obsession of Wanna One, I drifted to BTS because one of the members mentioned them as a model. Nothing wrong with that. My name is Yvonne and I used to be obsessed with Kpop and Youtube videos that had curse words/dirty language/horror/etc (even beauty vlogs and anything). He is so patient with us. That is the first step. Outwardly, I would deny caring so much about BTS, but deep inside I knew I cared and I practically wanted to be them. Run back to His Word. After years, I found myself again into Kpop (BTS, Red Velvet) but with control of myself compared before. Thank you for this!! I actually became friends with two people who claimed (have now lost contact) that they were friends with my ultimate bias. That’s why I almost fell out of the chair reading the lyrics in their song Pied Piper. My mother also used to host a lifegroup which used to consist of mainly Koreans (also where I met my best friend of 7 years strong, she’s from Hong Kong!!). I hope I can overcome this addiction and just enjoy their music on a simple level…. And, as we are expected to do, we fans fall for all of it hook, line, and sinker. Thank you for sharing your experience that way I can feel more encouraged to help others. 5. Just like that, I became a K-Pop fan. Required fields are marked *. I’m thankful to God for protecting my heart from such intense addiction. It just came naturally to my life dipped in Asian culture… I longed for the time before knowing that group, sometimes wishing they didn’t ever exist… But I couldn’t leave. But Kpop is not only just about music, artists, companies, producers, songwriters and singers, it’s also a product; to be bought, sold, promoted, and distributed to as many audiences as possible, so as to solidify a niche in the ever-growing, ever-reaching global market. But, I realised that realistically, for me, BTS couldn’t really help me love myself. Has anyone ever listened to their 2018 comeback song, “Anpanman” i have researched this “Anpanman” that they based their song in and what I have realized is, it’s a replacement Jesus. I beat myself up every day knowing that I could be improving my relationship with God if I just spent as much time praying to him and reading the Bible as I did watching BTS music videos or browsing the internet for K-Pop merch to buy. Do not be discouraged and treat every failure as an even stronger motivation to fight. As of this year, during quarantine, I found myself getting back into them once again, because I had time to occupy. so i decided to just give it away to my family for our needs rather than save it for Jimin. thats my kakao ID , Hello Myra! Lord, I wanna lift up to you this K-pop addiction of mine and lay it down on your feet for good. I just read your comment. I believe they are a one of a kind k-pop group ever since their Forever Young album, they have created more meaningful music. My best friend bias I Jimin and we both vent out to each other. It is seems i have missed them for 6yrs and im not updated to everything regarding the members lives, their songs, etc. Right now, I think I just need help distinguishing between what’s REALLY unhealthy and what the Devil is telling me to feel guilty about. On my Junior High School final examination I don’t study, but I watch bunch of kpop videos that made my final score really bad. In some instances, though, these fans can be crazy and things you say might offend them or at least annoy them. Focus on your commonalities, don’t judge a book by its cover, and, for goodness sake, take a risk. also check if they are still worth stanning for, like their acts, songs and etc. It isn’t all about the charming appeal of Tablo (Epik High), the dance stylings of Jay Park, or the bright smile of Taemin (SHINee) to these singles, it’s about showing respect to South Korea and her people which they deserve, while garnering knowledge that someday, this may allow enough commonality between themselves and a guy they like so as to open doors that may otherwise be closed to them. But when I realized that a lot of young people like K-Pop, this interest of mine turned out to be a great conversation starter and bridge for me to establish rapport, and eventually share the gospel with them. I finally had a time of reflection of my STM which motivated me to get out of Kpop and do God’s will. One day, I had a sudden thought to pray to God and ask Him to give me wisdom to use this interest in a way that could serve Him. But when the gospel was shared to me and I committed my life to Christ (during my 2nd year in medical school), this was one of many things he had to sanctify me from. Ex:Gay marriage. Used by permission of Biblica, Inc. ® All rights reserved worldwide. We need to continually eating our daily bread(bible) and feeding our minds with His daily bread. It was not just KPOP. So my biggest question is about their music. I’m not a Christian, but I study at a Christian school and I respect every religion. I pray for the sake of praying. Christianity is NOT a religion, it is a relationship built on Faith. But, it happens. As followers of Christ, we can not forget who our true Savior is. I was left so heartbroken that day and I came up with a plan.. to save money and attend any fanmeet, music show or fansign in korea to see Jimin up close. The Spirit of Jesus Christ was never in you. My email is! Blessings, Maddie. But, I am scared to ignore her because she actually don’t have many friends and it concerns me if I just leave her like that. We’d have it in mind . God has really worked on me and I’m so grateful to know an awesome God like him and I always pray that God will show himself to BTS and any other kpop idol out there or any famous person for that matter. K-pop (short for Korean pop; Korean: 케이팝) is a genre of popular music originating in South Korea. I’m not so surprised. But, the Lord also spoke to me regarding this. If you want to know about my most current update with KPOP. From the word itself and even how they are called idols. 1st – He knows me who I am, who I will become before I was born. But the real change came on the 24th, after I visited Yoongarina’s house. I can now go a day without watching them and listening to their music or spazzing about them. I gave up k-pop for a week and until now I still haven’t listened or watched anything relating to it. Thanks Ruth for some advice. We tend to admire, like or notice those who are better than us or who are exceptionally talented. I was in no way shape or form allowing anything but Christ sit on the throne of my heart or even rival Him. I Want Jesus more than anything now. However, with no doubt, i got trapped into it. I felt as though I could relate or connect with them more. I had promised myself that I would stop reading wattpad but when I became army in October last year, I started back reading a lot of jk fanfics which definetly aren’t PG…..Since mummy just talked to me about how salvation is more important than ever right now, I’m just thinking on what I should do. I lost valuable time that could have been used to increase my view of self worth. Thank you for you everlasting love and forgiveness. I came from a Christian family, active in the ministry. In the bible it is said that meditate on the word day and night. In the story of the prodigal son, the Father was waiting for the son to come back and when he saw him from the distance, the Father ran to meet him and the Father was joyful in seeing him come back. With all this speed and enthusiasm, these fans look like a united front—but that isn’t exactly true. I love BTS ..they’re new album BE comes out next month in November …I draw the members a lot especially Jungkook. I need to talk to someone about this:( I feel sad because I’m giving this up when deep down I don’t want to. Now, this is between me and God (i.e. I gave up BTS and Kpop for Lent and sometimes, temptation got the best of me. Is it because we want to be loved? If you want to email me regarding this comment of mine (please no hate lol) or if you want to share more biblical views as we grown in Christ, you can reach me at I had also decided to cut out music which has bad language and sexual content. Do you have a KPop idol crush (be honest!)? Hello, I am so blessed to read your journey (as well as the journey of those who commented on this article) and how the Lord is changing you day by day. While Kpop fans with a sincere love and respect for the culture, its history and traditions, can’t seem to find any guys that will give them the time of day. I also got into kpop world unknowingly.Everything felt beautiful.Even though I myself argue it’s okay I am not in lust,neither I am watching any vulgar content but I got addicted.My spiritual life seemed like it was dead but by God’s grace those were my spiritual awakening days and now I got rid of unhealthy entertainments from life. I am in love with Jungkook ….. Last year before I started liking them I was reading wattpad and came across smut and that kind of stuff. I found Chi Angel but couldn’t find much about Weki Meki. I always thought I was in a decent place with Christ, and knew where to find Him if I ever went astray. I praise God that you use your passion about KPOP to share the gospel of Christ. I could be obsessed with anything from Cars to Google to Pokemon… My missionary brother casually liked Big Bang (before it was cool, he’s cooler than any hipsters) because a Japanese friend introduced it to him. And I want to find friends in Bremen. As Exodus 20:3 tells us, God alone is worthy of the highest place in our hearts. But it is so freeing to just be yourself and let people know what you like, as well as how you are doing with your addiction. As of now, I’m trying to start prioritising my relationship with God. I found myself dedicating most of my time to KPOP. To all struggling with the same, pray for breakthroughs with God. I also watch their content everyday when im free. I don’t want to have to feel guilty about my love for BTS. I still want to see them, out of pure admiration and curiosity. You never know what can happen until you try. I thought their fashion was funky and liked their music, EXO are my UB group(3 years and counting ) I feel it inside my heart, I know it too well, but I just can’t seem to detach myself. However what I know is that as long as I keep trying, Jesus will help me overcome it. I was like listening to the music was enough and watching some videos. I still remember that night vividly: the mood was exuberant, spirits were exceptionally high and everyone was singing and screaming to their hearts’ content. Its okay to listen, attend concert but we also need to know our limitation. The changing demographics of K-Pop listeners is also having an effect, as the once uniquely Korean genre becomes more and more a global obsession, with fans… Hope you are doing ok. With the expanding popularity of Kpop added into the mix, dating has become nearly impossible. He delights in our joy and laughter! And that fuelled a lot of this particular interest in him. I cannot go on a day without His word or presence. So Kpop became an idol and I wanted and needed to make God the only one in my life. Hello, Franny. And we might not know they are already worshipping God!. I was a bit confused considering am a Christian why this sudden zeal for boy bands as them and I got angry with myself. i have been struggling with this lately and it’s been hard. He is the only one worthy of our wholehearted devotion and the only One who can satisfy our hearts like no other. Thank you again for this. At first, I told myself I didn’t understand what they said so it couldn’t do any harm. I myself am still, and probably will always be working on my relationship with God so investing in being around other Christians will only be one more step in the right direction. I pray that I’ll be able to learn self-control, but also grace. The last part is supposed to be Also, I’ve got a KakaoTalk so if any one you would like to talk (it’s much easier when you’ve got people in a similar around you and support each other) I’m more than willing to ^^ I hope my ‘testimony’ helped someone even if just the slightest bit. I know what you mean. It’s just music, and they’re just singers/musicians. It was a bizaare paradox which only intrigued me further. Keep 2 journals, one for Sermon Notes, and one for Bible notes. And lastly, dear ladies, let us make 1 Corinthians 10:23 as our guiding verse for this struggle and allow me to rephrase it like this: We are entitled to our own prerogratives (in listening to k-pop, being a k-pop fan, etc) but not all of our prerogratives would be honoring to God. And your friends never understand how you can get so much joy from simply seeing your favorite bands living their lives. If you could make an article about it, that would be great, thanks! (He’s gone away from God but he’s in my daily prayer list- please pray for him if you can) The other brother is serving as a film missionary in Japan but has also worked on other projects such as an MV for a Japanese boyband who often cover – of all things – Kpop. It sounds cliché, I admit, seemingly somehow derived more directly from a K-Drama script than that of real life, but sadly there’s always a little truth in every story. And the rest of them, six in total. Rather, let us continue to pray and give time to the Lord. See if God is really first for you. But i honestly can’t live a day without watching at least one BTS video (fan made or official) because they simply bring me happiness. What I’ve found is it’s really about prioritizing God in all aspects of our lives and keeping Him at the forefront of our thoughts. In the Bible, it says you can’t have another God(s) other than Him or worship other things. I will need to learn to respect these boys. Well, this can make fans have lots of self-doubt about their own bodies. Thanks for sharing this!! Remember, Jesus came for the broken ones. K, it would be great if you could find someone in your community to share this with. 16 For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world. Reading this article helped as I have been conflicted about whether or not I should even be a fan of BTS. Seriously I NEED to have deep talks with you with regards to this. So when i got into kpop, i kept telling myself its for dance & music on its own since i’ve always loved dancing. Did you know how often you “escape” life can be detrimental? I feel as if God is disappointed in me and how easily I can get swayed by such insignificant things. It is good we pray for them like most of you say. Thank you so much for this article — as well as all the encouraging posts above! Well me too I am Obssesed with BTS too but my sister asked me to pray for them to Know God too so that we can also see them in Heaven so why dont we pray together and so that they may know God too so that they can change their Heart to know God and if it works that would be so much appreciatable though. Open our eyes to see how forgiven we are and to see what You have overcome for us to give us YOUR BEST. Yes, it might not always be intentional, but I know there were times where they rudely did it on purpose. To sum up, know that there’s nothing wrong with liking BTS. Does anyone have ideas for specific boundaries I can set for myself? But with that, I ended up going to God for everything he really showed me how to be on fire for him. Im thankful because she saw that i was addicted to Kpop, and being a strict sister she always has been, i was more surprised at how she never once scolded me for loving kpop too much but instead, used it to help me serve God. I thank the Lord for leading me here. But for me, it’s an unhealthy obsession that’s taken over my life for 2 years. Many Kpop fans choose to keep their love affair with the genre a secret until the most opportune moment, which usually backfires in grand fashion, while others put their Kpop love out there from the get go; essentially cutting off the relationship before it even has a chance to start. I adore kpop especially BTS. I felt really bad over the willful sin and was scared I lost my salvation. … Accountability is SO important as a Christian. Especially the part where brainiac leader has a kitten filter, shakes his head, says “I know what I am” (as if he’s some sorta pet or product owned by somebody) and then shakes his head and turns into that creepy moustache and sunglasses dude and says “I know what I want” (as if he’s in the mafia or something…) I thought it would be better if I would cut myself totally from it but that didn’t help If you are still like this, even after you “gave your life to Christ” and “born again”, you never were born again. Please help me. As one of the earlier testimonies mentioned, I too came across a tag called ‘AMBW’ (asian man black woman). Like I mentioned earlier, K-Pop stars are humans too. I have some background in jazz & modern dance and love the choreography in KPop! I also stole his iPod (with probably 70% Japanese songs) and for some reason I loved listening to My Girl (Taeyang solo) from the first big bang album (Taeyang is still my bias) I’ve always been very aware of how I need to hold myself back, or else I’ll waste a bunch of my time. Please pray for me because I have same situation with EXO and BTS and others .I whant to worship God and pray and read Bible but all time ,each free second I spend with some videos and story’s about artists. I also shared this to my family, so my parents and brother also check me from time to time asking “How’s school? I accidently found a moaning audio on Youtube and that was bad enough, never again. ooop! Reading the Word is the only way I can set my mind free. I realized that I needed to stop and keep the seven boys as a hobby. So please, my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, pray for me, and I will also pray for you all who have a similar situation. I really really like EXO, and I listen to them daily. Or some good old Gospel. Of course, BTS are good people. I’ve recently been into MBTI personality typing and low and behold my former bias and I are ‘perfect’ matching myerbriggs types. I honestly never thought I’d see the day where I would idolize over someone else who is not BTS. My name is Ruby. I am also devoting my time in other things like drawing, design, my pets, and other stuff. Now, I was so crazy with them to the point I placed God under, but he reminded me. I should work on my spiritual walk diligently and have an encounter with Lord first. Now I sometimes feel sad, because God may fulfill my dream when it is no longer my dream. Needed to be constantly updated, obsessing on new music videos, obsessing over the physical appearance of my bias. But I refrain myself from being called an army because I can be army for Jesus only. Will share this . I’m way too deep in obsession and idolization. At this point of time my bff loves kpop so anything we talk about tends to always be related to it. Living a life without sin does not mean you cannot sin occationally. At first you just rush and read the verses and devotionals but then you start to realize how much your thoughts have changed. That’s how knee deep my idolatry was in just two weeks. This went on for a short period of time, since I was on holiday from school and wanted to occupy my time. While insecurities stand on both sides of the dating aisle, it’s men who are more so affected by Kpop than women. And what I did is I prayed. Praise God!!! In university, I even spent almost 7000 NT (which is equivalent to approximately 216 USD) to watch their performance. Be you, a Korean man trying to find love or a lovely lady hoping to find the man that will make you happy, as long as you stay determined to the happiness you seek, it will find its way to you. hehe. If you are a student like me (well I’m a graduate school student so I’m not really young haha) and you have been investing too much time, money, effort and emotions and k-pop.. you not only stop honoring God by doing such but even your parents. I want to Love them the way Christ does, and appreciate their talents and gifts. I just wanted to say that I’m gong to pray more and I really liked what your shared about praying. Made myself accountable to other women who will have compassion on me and help me by leading me to Christ in those times I would feel weak and mourn again what was painful to lose or mourn all the more for exchanging my worship to God for a mere man. He cusses a lot and sometimes he’ll make dirty jokes.

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