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Trinitrotoluol (TNT), nach IUPAC-Nomenklatur 2-Methyl-1,3,5-trinitrobenzen ist ein Sprengstoff.Die Strukturformel der Verbindung zeigt einen Benzolring mit einer Methylgruppe (–CH 3) und drei ortho, bzw. Though other cable channels have also fallen into this practice for their HD simulcast feeds, TNT has been the one most commonly cited since it was one of the first channels to offer such a simulcast. [4] Popularly known as Tri Nitro Toluene. This convention intends to compare the destructiveness of an event with that of traditional explosive materials, of which TNT is a typical example, although other conventional explosives such as dynamite contain more energy. Launched in 2016, it replaced Toonami Thailand. Definition of TNT in the Definitions.net dictionary. The Rudy and Gogo World Famous Cartoon Show, which ran from 1995 to 1997, was an original children's program on the channel featuring Warner Bros., MGM, and Popeye shorts, hosted by a titular pair of a marionette and a nanny goat. TnT is trainable on languages that separate words by white space, using virtually any tagset that can be represented in ASCII. [8], Such differences can be substantial. In Latin America, TNT broadcasts all of the high-profile award shows including the Oscars and Grammys. In 1998, TNT made efforts to increase its original programming, bumping its production budget by 146%, with programming production costs running in the range of $175 million to $200 million by 2000. TNT Big Ticket Movies; Live TV; Schedule; Help; Sign Out Series Nav. TNT definition is - a flammable toxic compound C7H5N3O6 used as a high explosive and in chemical synthesis. The European, Australian and Asian versions of TNT shared channel space with Cartoon Network, while the Latin American version shared space with CNN International. This is why we offer only the best in collection and delivery services, and, is why we’ve been trusted for so many years with deliveries from hundreds of countries. All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite 5 min • Expires January 1. Tracciare poste con numeri di tracciabilità di tutto il mondo. TNT ei ole erityisen suorituskykyinen räjähde. Sen kemiallinen vakaus, kohtalainen iskun- ja kitkankestävyys ja valettavaksi riittävän alhainen sulamispiste (80,8 °C) tekevät siitä kuitenkin käyttötavoiltaan hyvin monipuolisen etenkin sotilaskäyttöön. 1 ton TNT equivalent is approximately: 1.0 × 109 calories 4.184 × 109 joules 3.968 … The following year, TNT produced the Babylon 5 spinoff series Crusade, which was canceled after 13 episodes, as TNT management decided that science fiction did not fit the channel's brand identity. [What's new in the Italian version] You are here > Home > New articles of the week December 19, 2020. (Time Warner and predecessor Warner Communications had owned an 18% interest in Turner Broadcasting since 1987, as part of a cable television industry-backed bailout of the company amid severe financial issues.) [3][4][5][6], Where for example the comparison is by energy yield, an explosive's energy is normally expressed for chemical purposes as the thermodynamic work produced by its detonation. What does TNT mean? Története. A TNT magyar popegyüttes. A large open explosion of TNT may maintain fireball temperatures high enough so that some of those products do burn up with atmospheric oxygen. The nonlinear stretching process leaves objects in the center of the screen with approximately their original aspect ratio; objects at the left and right edges are distorted. [74][75] In June 2020, Turner Sports, announced they will be ending their deal to broadcast the UEFA Champions League a year early.[76]. Catch up on your favorite TNT shows. The rapid decline of WCW's viewership can be attributed to the Fingerpoke of Doom (which occurred on January 4, 1999) and the company's mounting losses. The channel launched at 7:55 p.m. Eastern Time on October 3, 1988, with TNT founder Ted Turner delivering a message about the channel's launch and programming, followed by a pre-recorded performance of The Star Spangled Banner, which traditionally played during the launch of a new Turner-owned network. The branding campaign reflects the channel's refocusing towards action-adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, suspense series alongside its slate of crime dramas. — Jason Blevins, The Denver Post, "Crested Butte’s skiing soldiers in a snowy crusade to tame avalanche danger," 12 Jan. 2017 [57][58][59], On May 15, 2019, upstart promotion All Elite Wrestling and WarnerMedia announced a broadcasting agreement to offer a weekly prime-time wrestling program on TNT—later named All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite, which premiered on October 2, 2019 as AEW's flagship program—marking the network's re-entry into the professional wrestling scene following the aforementioned closure of World Championship Wrestling eighteen years prior. Inti dobolt, jelenleg kongázik, Ákos zeneiskolában, majd magántanárnál tanult zongorázni, illetve énekelni. Shopper in TNT per fiere, eventi e aziende personalizzate con la grafica desiderata a partire da pochi pezzi. In July 1989, the Turner Broadcasting System announced that TNT would obtain partial pay television rights to the National Basketball Association beginning with the 1989–90 season, as part of a transference of TBS SuperStation's existing NBA telecast rights. However, the inevitable happened on the 1st July 1918, when the factory exploded injuring 250 and killing 134 people. Here at TNT Direct, as an established delivery and courier company, we know how important it is to send packages and goods securely and on time. The channel's daytime, overnight and Saturday morning schedule is heavily dominated by reruns of current and former network police procedural series such as Castle, Bones and TNT mainstay Law & Order, while its weekday morning schedule focuses on sci-fi, supernatural and fantasy series. The blast was so loud it was hear over 20 miles away from the site. Releases tremendous amounts of energy in the form of heat when ignited ,hence used as an explosive. As of 2012[update], TNT is available on several subscription providers in Spain. [13][14], By February 1988, Turner had disclosed that TNT's programming would focus around movies from the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) film library – which Turner acquired as a result of his 1986 sale of the MGM film studio to Kirk Kerkorian – and major television events, including made-for-cable movies, high-profile specials, sports events, documentaries and miniseries. TNT HD Benelux offers a mix of comedies, movies and current television series (such as Falling Skies, Shameless and Memphis Beat), as well as reruns of older series (such as ER, The West Wing and Smallville). Download from the App store Download from the Google Play store Download from the Amazon store TV Devices. 1. On 15 October 1999, TNT was replaced with Turner Classic Movies. TNT Latin America and TNT Brazil began operating high definition simulcast feeds in 2009. The total solar irradience energy received by Earth in the upper atmosphere per hour. Validità tariffe dal01/01/2021 al31/12/2021 Bauletti supplementocollo €10,00 €20,00 Supplemento aspedizione € 4,00 per ogni10 kg* € 8,00 per ogni10 kg* Inarrivoopartenzada: Venezia ed Isola d'Elba La Maddalena, Carloforte e altre Isole Minori* Asinara, Isole Tremiti e Ustica Livigno RIP: at the end of October Len Gregory, The Cartridge Man passed away at 76. Turner originally estimated that TNT would be offered to cable systems at a monthly rate of 10¢ per subscriber at launch (increasing to 20¢ per subscriber per month by March 1989), with 10 minutes of advertising being carried each hour (three to four minutes of which would be given to prospective cable systems for local advertising). *: TBX (thermobaric explosives) or EBX (enhanced blast explosives), in a small, confined space, may have over twice the power of destruction. The RE factor is the relative mass of TNT to which an explosive is equivalent: The greater the RE, the more powerful the explosive. In the 2011 and 2012 playoffs, it carried seven pre-scheduled Division Series games in full before Major League Baseball decided to use MLB Network in future years in a shift of scheduling to allow more night game carriage. Ampia scelta di modelli e colori disponibili da personalizzare al miglior prezzo online e senza costi aggiuntivi di cliché o spese di spedizione. Most of the animated series and shorts that were dropped would also serve as the core of Boomerang, a subscription channel devoted to classic cartoons that launched on April 1, 2000. Since the launch of Turner Classic Movies, TNT's movie lineup has shifted away from classic films outside of special airings of films such as The Wizard of Oz (which has been aired recently since 2014 in December a few times in a row on certain days every year either before or close to Christmas time. [20] However, by early 1999, the program began to lose viewers to Raw, which became the highest-rated wrestling program on television due to its use of more adult-like storylines. Calculating a single RE factor for an explosive is, however, impossible. Popularly known as Tri Nitro Toluene. Looking for the definition of TNT? Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. In 2001, TNT assumed the subscription television rights to select Winston Cup and Busch Series races as part of a deal between NASCAR, NBC and TNT. TNT Global Express è un fornitore globale di soluzioni di consegna customizzate. This running joke culminated in a Friday the 13th all-night Halloween marathon in 1998, where it was implied that Ted Turner was out to kill him. 3. See what's on TNT and watch On Demand on your TV or online! Learn how and when to remove this template message, total energy produced worldwide by all nuclear testing and combat, "Tons (Explosives) to Gigajoules Conversion Calculator", "Joules to Megatons Conversion Calculator", Blast effects of external explosions (Section 4.8. His contributions to the world of analogue … MFTM: TNT Championship title match 1/13/21 5 min • New. What does it mean to learn how to train? TNT Comedy also maintains two audio channels: TNT Serie, TNT Comedy and TNT Film both launched high definition simulcast feeds in the fall of 2010. In 2001, TNT debuted what became its most successful original series at the time, Witchblade, which ran for two seasons, ending in 2002. On March 23, 2001, the WWF acquired most of the assets of WCW, which had been up for sale since late 2000; Monday Nitro aired its last episode three days later. The explosive energy of a quantity of TNT the. It relaunched in both SD and HD on October 6, 2015. Movies generally air on the channel during the overnight hours on most nights and for much of the day on weekends. TNT is ideal for excavating several blocks at a time, or as a trap for Mobs and/orPlayers. Storia. TNT is a delivery company that delivers packages either world-wide or within a country by couriers. Feature films have been a mainstay of TNT since its inception. In 1990, TNT obtained partial television rights to the NFL's Sunday Night Football package in a comprehensive agreement in which games were split with ESPN. In June 2009, the German version of TCM was relaunched as TNT Film. On September 22, 1995, Time Warner—a New York City-based media company formed in 1989 through the merger of Time Inc. and Warner Bros. corporate parent Warner Communications—reached an agreement to acquire the Turner Broadcasting System and its associated properties (including TNT, TBS, CNN, Headline News and Cartoon Network as well as Turner Entertainment) for $7.5 billion; the deal would also expand Time Warner's pay television holdings, as it had owned HBO and sister premium service Cinemax as well as cable television provider Time Warner Cable since the Time-Warner Communications merger six years prior. Trinitrotoluene definition is - tnt. Owned by M Turner Company (a joint-venture with Major Kantana Co., Ltd.), the channel was closed on January 1, 2018. In other words, for each gram of TNT exploded, 4184 joules (or one large Calorie = 1,000 calories) of energy is released. Beginning one hour early on TBS, one hour later on TNT and ending one hour early on TBS and one hour later on TNT. TNT Champion Darby Allin takes on Brian Cage to defend his title ..More. The merger closed two days later on June 14, with the company becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T under the renamed parent company WarnerMedia. TNT Italia, l’applicazione gratuita di TNT che ti consente di gestire in qualsiasi momento le tue spedizioni, si rinnova completamente. The countdown can not be stoped once activated. This enables engineers to determine the proper masses of different explosives when applying blasting formulas developed specifically for TNT. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Regional versions of TNT were launched in Latin America in 1991; the channel mostly shows films, along with a few series. Each weekend, TNT airs a movie in primetime with limited commercial interruption, branded in on-air promos under the title "More Movies, Less Commercials". In the early 1990s, some Hawks game telecasts shown on TNT and TBS became subject to blackout within 35 miles of the home team's arena. TNT is a delivery company that delivers packages either world-wide or within a country by couriers. The African version of TNT launched on 15 October 1995. Find out what is the full meaning of TNT on Abbreviations.com! [18] (Gone with the Wind would also serve as the first program aired on sister channel Turner Classic Movies, when it debuted in April 1994.) During even-numbered years, Turner holds exclusive rights to the Final Four-onward; alongside the main telecast on TBS, the Final Four and championship have been simulcast by TNT and TruTV with alternate commentary teams representing the participating teams, branded as Team Stream powered by Bleacher Report. Penn & Teller served as occasional guest hosts during its early years; and in 1996, MonsterVision found a permanent host in cult personality and drive-in movie aficionado Joe Bob Briggs, who hosted a pair of more contemporary horror films each week, such as Friday the 13th Part 2 and Wes Craven's New Nightmare. The Polish version of TNT was launched as Turner Classic Movies (TCM) on September 1, 1998, replacing the European version of TNT, Classic Movies. Later estimates for the Chicxulub impactor energy have climbed to between 300 million megatons and 11,900 million megatons. TNT have been delivering our customers’ promises for over 70 years, delivering millions of parcels, documents and freight consignments with care and attention. 2. Watch anywhere. The "kiloton (of TNT)" is a unit of energy equal to 4.184 terajoules (4.184×1012 J). [48] The proposed merger—which had already been approved by the European Commission and Mexican, Chilean and Brazilian regulatory authorities—was affirmed by court ruling on June 12, 2018, after District of Columbia U.S. District Court Judge Richard J. Leon ruled in favor of AT&T, dismissing the DOJ's antitrust claims in the lawsuit. Standard chemical name is 1-Methyl-2,4,6 - Trinitro Benzene. 1. [9], So, one can state that a nuclear bomb has a yield of 15 kt (6.3×1013 J); but an actual explosion of a 15000 ton pile of TNT may yield (for example) 8×1013 J due to additional carbon/hydrocarbon oxidation not present with small open-air charges.[8]. That’d be weird. The program beat Monday Night Raw, the flagship show of the World Wrestling Federation (now the WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment), in the ratings for 83 consecutive weeks from 1996 to 1998. The TNT equivalent appears in various nuclear weapon control treaties, and has been used to characterize the energy released in such other highly destructive events as an asteroid impact. Presently, most of the films broadcast on TNT are of the drama and action genres, however some comedy films continue to air on the channel periodically. [33] In 1998, TNT dropped all of its remaining cartoons, relegating those shows to Cartoon Network. Tagjai a győri Dobrády Ákos és Zuber Krisztián (Inti). )[6][7][8] The TNT syndication service also produced and distributed the first Goodwill Games—organized by Ted Turner himself, in response to the Olympic boycotts involving the United States and the Soviet Union of the 1980 and 1984 Summer Olympics—in 1986. TNT Serie maintains two audio channels: one with the original English language audio track and one with a German-dubbed soundtrack. Meaning of TNT. TNT Airways, based in Liège Airport, is the airline of TNT, using more than 40 planes to reach 70 destinations in Europe every night.. Company overview. TNT is a craftable block that explodes 4 seconds after being ignited. The ton of TNT is a unit of energy defined by that convention to be 4.184 gigajoules,[1] which is the approximate energy released in the detonation of a metric ton (1,000 kilograms) of TNT. TNT, the former basic cable home of Marvel/Disney movies, still has the rights to certain films that haven’t premiered in this tier of broadcast yet. [61][62] TNT has been criticized for its practice of airing a significant amount of 4:3 standard definition content stretched to 16:9 on its HD feed, utilizing a nonlinear process similar to the "panorama" setting on many HDTVs that some viewers have nicknamed Stretch-o-Vision.[63][64][65]. ESPN assumed the Open Championship rights in 2009. 2. [12] Turner also entered into preliminary discussions with NBC to purchase a 25% stake in the company, with the prospect of using NBC's financial and programming expertise to get TNT off the ground; however, such discussions terminated by January 1988 without a resolution. Foreign television series and movies were eventually added to the channel's schedule. TNT has been used in conjunction with hydraulic fracturing, a process used to recover oil and gas from shale formations. The U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington unanimously upheld the lower court's ruling in favor of AT&T on February 26, 2019. On June 12, 2001, TNT underwent an extensive rebrand, with the introduction of a new logo designed by Trollbäck + Company as well as a new slogan, "We Know Drama," a repositioning of the network that Bradley Siegel, then-president of Turner Entertainment Networks, explained had emerged through extensive focus group research with frequent TNT viewers. TNT Italia, cerca raccomandata e tracking internazionale pacchi, prodotti, pacco, servizi e spedizioni. TNT N.V., through its two divisions, … Welcome to TNT Express. 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Incidentally, the film was set and had its premiere held in Atlanta, Turner's hometown and the headquarters of the channel's corporate parent, Turner Broadcasting System. Using PETN, engineers would need 1.0/1.66 (or 0.60) kg to obtain the same effects as 1 kg of TNT. For TNT this has been accurately measured as 4686 J/g from a large sample of air blast experiments, and theoretically calculated to be 4853 J/g. [7], But, even on this basis, comparing the actual energy yields of a large nuclear device and an explosion of TNT can be slightly inaccurate. [15][16] On March 7, Turner Broadcasting System's board of directors unanimously approved Ted Turner's plan for Turner Network Television, with October 3 as the channel's proposed launch date. Standard chemical name is 1-Methyl-2,4,6 - Trinitro Benzene. TNT is not shock sensitive which gave it an advantage over other explosives being used at the time like picric acid. Shopper in TNT. DIY: a new DIY design to keep you busy during these upcoming holidays, our new speakers cables based on CAT 6 wires, here's the TNT VibraDamper (P. Canova) . On January 24, 2011, it was relaunched as a general entertainment channel with the addition of new television series to its lineup. para ständige Nitrogruppen (–NO 2) als Substituenten.Die Verbindung entsteht durch Nitrierung von Toluol mittels Nitriersäure, einer Mischung von Salpeter-und Schwefelsäure. TNT Big Ticket Movies; Live TV; Schedule; Help; Sign Out Series Nav. On May 14, 2014, TNT altered its on-air branding to "TNT Drama" and introduced a new slogan, "Boom". In January 2009, a version of TNT launched in Germany as TNT Serie. The table below should be taken as an example and not as a precise source of data. All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite 5 min • Expires January 1. The kiloton and megaton of TNT have traditionally been used to describe the energy output, and hence the destructive power, of a nuclear weapon. The slogan emphasized the channel's new focus on dramatic programming, including sports and off-network syndicated dramas such as Law & Order, NYPD Blue, ER and Judging Amy. | PKGE.NET The energy liberated by one gram of TNT was arbitrarily defined as a matter of convention to be 4184 J,[10] which is exactly one kilocalorie. TNT (originally an abbreviation for Turner Network Television) is an American basic cable television channel that is owned by WarnerMedia Studios & Networks. On October 6, 2015, TCM was replaced by TNT, 22 years after the first launch. The channel focuses on movies and television series that are more drama based. For other uses, see, (U.S. pay-TV subscribers only; 10 minute free trial), NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament, The Rudy and Gogo World Famous Cartoon Show, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, List of programs broadcast by TNT (American TV network), NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship, "Sling TV bulks up base package with AMC and IFC", "Sling TV's web-based live television opens to all cord cutters, adds AMC to lineup", "Nielsen coverage estimates for September see gains at ESPN networks, NBCSN, and NBA TV, drops at MLBN and NFLN (Cable Network Coverage Area Household Universe Estimates: September 2018)", "Players, Turner set details for strike league", "Turner's TNT adds spark to Atlantic Cable Show", "Turner hoping to jolt cable world with TNT", "Turner to Merge Into Time Warner; a $7.5 Billion Deal", "Time Warner, TBS Agree on $7.5 Billion Merger", "Time Warner-TBS deal widens entertainment vistas", "Turner-Time Warner Merger Approved by Shareholders", "Five Blind Mice: How the Big Cable Nets Lost Their Way", "New Promo Campaign Touts TNT's Dramatic Credentials", "TNT Introduces New 'Boom' Tagline; TNT & TBS Unveil 2014-2015 Development Slates", "TNT Locks Down Next Five Marvel Movies Starting With 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron, "AT&T Reaches Deal to Buy Time Warner for $86 Billion", "AT&T Sets $85.4 Billion Time Warner Deal, CEOs Talks 'Unique' Potential of Combination", "AT&T agrees to buy Time Warner for more than $80B", "Time Warner shareholders vote to approve AT&T merger", "FCC chief: AT&T-Time Warner deal won't face agency's scrutiny", "AT&T Sued by U.S. Seeking to Block Merger With Time Warner", "Judge approves $85 billion AT&T-Time Warner deal", "Justice Department Sues to Block AT&T-Time WarnerMerger", "AT&T Completes Acquisition of Time Warner Inc", "European Commission Approves AT&T Acquisition of Time Warner", "AT&T's $85B Time Warner deal gets Mexico's approval", "AT&T-Time Warner merger approved with conditions by Chilean regulators", "With consent from Brazil, AT&T has only one regulatory hurdle left before it can gobble Time Warner", "U.S. appeals court OKs $81 billion merger of AT&T and Time Warner", "WarnerMedia reorganizes its leadership team after AT&T acquisition", "What the End of the Turner Brand Could Mean for Its Channels", "AEW TV deal: Weekly show to air live on TNT with Turner also streaming pay-per-views", "TNT's Leverage is the latest stretch-o-vision victim", "Media Circus: Breaking down CBS and Turner's March Madness broadcast package", "History of PGA Championship TV coverage (1958-present)", "PGA Championship Leaving TNT For ESPN In '20, Re-Ups With CBS", "History of British Open on US TV (1962-present)", "History of Presidents Cup TV coverage (1994-present)", "Turner Sports Unveils 'Bleacher Report Live' Pay-Streaming Service", "Turner Sports to broadcast 46 Champions League matches on TNT, offer B/R Live subscription on per match basis", "BREAKING: Turner Sports terminates the remainder of Champions League deal", "NASCAR, NBC Sports Group reach landmark deal", "TCM rebranded as TNT Africa to appeal to younger male audiences", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=TNT_(American_TV_network)&oldid=1001870112, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 January 2021, at 19:42.

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